The Story of Marie Curie

ISBN-13: 978-1647391126

Discover the life of Marie Curie―a story about discovering big things through hard work


The Story of Marie Curie: A Biography Book for New Readers Paperback

Marie Curie became one of the most celebrated scientists in history. Before she changed the world with her discoveries in physics and chemistry, Marie was an intelligent girl who studied hard to reach the top of her class. She overcame many challenges, including people who told her she couldn’t be a scientist because she was a woman. She didn’t let anything stop her, and her important research is still helping people today. Explore how Marie Curie went from being a young girl growing up in Poland to a famous, Nobel Prize-winning scientist.

The Story of Marie Curie includes:

  • Helpful glossary―Find easy-to-understand definitions for some of the more advanced words and ideas in the book.
  • Lasting change―See how Marie Curie made the world a better place for future generations.
  • Test your knowledge―Take a fun quiz about the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Marie’s life.

How will Marie’s determination and curiosity inspire you?