by Susan B. Katz, illustrated by Melissa Launay

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A celebration of Mother Earth and the bond
between a mother and her child, MY MAMA EARTH
won the Moonbeam Gold for Best Picture Book
of 2012 as well as being named “Top Green Toy”
by Watch the wonder experienced
by a small child journeying through the world
and round the day taking in the many magnificent
aspects of nature. This imaginative and lyrical
picture book showcases the love between a mother
and child, celebrating the ever-changing beauty
of the natural world along the way.

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Enjoy this lovely song and video created
by Julia Bordenaro.

This is a video of my book launch at Book Passage. I am dressed as Mama Earth and use props, puppets and multimedia to engaged various learning modalities.

My Mama Earth Reviews

Barefoot Books

...reveals the magic of Mother Nature and the beauty of the earth...

Each page of My Mama Earth by Susan B. Katz reveals the magic of Mother Nature and the beauty of the earth, from the deep sea to the African steppe to the plains of the American West. Katz’s poem narrates the fantastical journey of a child and a cat as Mama Earth reveals the wonders of nature: “My mama sets the birds in flight / She gives them nests to sleep at night … My mama makes the hippos snore / And might lions proudly roar.” Melissa Launay’s gouache illustrations  – like opaque watercolor – are bursting with vivid details for children to discover, from dragonflies to dolphins to faraway stars. Katz is a National Board Certified bilingual teacher and the founder of ConnectingAuthors, a nonprofit that brings authors into schools as role models of literacy and the arts. Her first book, ABC Baby Me! was published in 2010. My Mama Earth was named a Top Green Toy of 2012 by

...a perfect read for Earth Day...

The symbol of Earth as Mother is the focal point of this beautiful picture book, written by Susan B. Katz and illustrated by Melissa Launay. Readers follow one boy’s journey throughout the day and around the world as he discovers the wonder and beauty of nature. Rhyming text and vibrant illustrations make this a perfect read for Earth Day, reminding young readers of the importance of safeguarding the planet. Completing the message, Barefoot Books prints only with vegetable-based ink and uses pulp from sustainable sources.

PickyEditor on

Brilliant and Beautiful Children's Book!

My Mama Earth is an absolutely enchanting children’s book. The illustrations are extraordinary, as is the poetic, colorful writing. Huge kudos to both the author and the illustrator for creating a truly special picture book for kids. I’m generally not drawn to rhyme, but the ease with which Ms. Katz weaves together language is a joy to behold. She’s a gifted and versatile storyteller. And Ms. Launay’s artistic talents are simply remarkable. My only warning with this book is that you may need more than one copy, because your kids are going to be asking for it every night, and it’s sure to get worn out. An exceptional work. A true stand out in the saturated kid’s market. I hope to see more from this excellent team!

Nena from West Bloomfield, MI


This new book, by Susan Katz, is just fabulous!! I brought it home to my 6 year old granddaughter, who read it aloud to me. She loved the rhythm of the text and so enjoyed the treasure hunt, trying to find the boy, the cat, and the uniquely drawn Mama Earth on each page. I have bought several more copies, what a beautiful gift to send.

Ira S. Levin

One for picture popping!

Susan B. Katz, author and Melissa Launay, illustrator have created a classic book blending nature and the nurturing love between a mother and her child. The pictures and rhymes will take you away from your work week and remind you what it means to be in touch with the earth and your inner sanctuary. It is beautiful.



I love these nature based books for my kids. There’s a lot of children’s books out there that stray from what is meaningful and i think this one has great purpose and insights that can be taught to children from a young age.


My Mama Earth is a great gift or personal purchase for your own kids!

My Mama Earth still gets rave reviews! I’ve given these away as gifts and mothers love reading it to their children. There is also a web site that has a lullaby on YouTube. The book is award-winning!

Sharon Snyder “Bound to Books”

Perfect gift for children!

Perfect gift for any child or for a baby shower. It is a beautifully illustrated book with a meaningful story for all ages, including adults.

Laura Rice


Beautiful story and illustrations. Just read it to my son and
he was enchanted by the words and illustrations…..
a beautiful story about mothers, children and the world we share.



One of the most beautiful children’s books I’ve ever seen
~ my son loves it ~ highly recommended 🙂

Mary Ann

A young child – it could be a girl or a boy – watches the rising sun, thinking of all the glory that its mother and mother Earth brings to our lives. The rhyming text is lyrical and soothing, as the young child thinks of all the places in the Earth that bring him a feeling of wonder and love.

“My mama wakes the Eastern sun,
And weaves her magic till day’s done.
My mama paints the ocean creatures
Adorning them with brilliant features.”

Melissa Launay’s illustrations richly develop the themes and mood of the text. The settings bring to mind all that we love about spending time in nature. While they are not specific places, they draw children into imagining what it would be like to sit under a tree, watch lions roar, or swim with dolphins.

Launay’s paintings interweave lush settings with a vision of mama Earth, with long flowing hair. Launay’s Mama Earth will appeal to many young children, drawing on a sense of fairy tales and imagination.


Sweet and beautiful illustrations that tell a simple story of Mother Earth and the gifts she has given us. Great book for parents who lean toward Goddess based religions such as Pagan or Wicca.

Stacie Theis

A book to cherish

In My Mama Earth, Susan B. Katz uses whimsical rhyme to evoke feelings of
tranquility and love in her readers. “My mama sets the sun out west.
And holds it’s warmth for when we rest” is just an example of the
lyrical verses that demonstrate the great bond between a mother and child.

Melissa Launay’s incredible illustrations visually awaken our emotions
and show the beauty of Mother Nature. Parent’s and children will cherish
My Mama Earth by Susan B. Katz.

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Video with song for MY MAMA EARTH

My Mama Earth by Susan B. Katz, Illustrated by Melissa Launay, music by Julia Bordenaro

My Mama Earth by Susan B. Katz, Illustrated by Melissa Launay, music by Julia Bordenaro