Susan B. Katz is a frequent national keynote speaker and workshop presenter at conferences, companies and schools.  She brings over 20 years expertise into her interactive, engaging presentations. She leads workshops on the intersection of meditation/mindfulness and business as well as in-depth education issues. Below are some specific places Susan has presented, topics and endorsements from recent speeches.

CORPORATE KEYNOTES (Download PDF of topic descriptions here.)

Susan has keynoted and presented at the:

LEND Conference in El Paso, TX
Penguin-Random House
Facebook headquarters
Simon & Schuster
Big Sur Writer’s Conference
San Diego State Writer’s Conference
SCBWI Asilomar Conference
Scholastic Reading Summits in Alabama and Arizona
Catapult Learning Professional Development
Berkeley Unified School District
San Francisco Unified School District
Marin County Office of Education

LEND Conference Presentation

Corporate Keynote & Workshop Topics:

The Buddha in Business
Meditation for Managers
Partner Management
Social Media Strategy
What Box?
Unbreak This Now
Viral Videos
Marketing Mavens
Balance in Business
Excellence as an Entrepreneur

Education & Literacy Presentation Topics:

The Making of Mavens: Peer to Peer Book Talks
Delving into Differentiation
Best Practices for English Language Learners
Classroom Management
Time Tested Topics and The Common Core
Make Time for Rhyme
Writer’s Workshop
Parent Engagement
Culturally Relevant Curriculum
Young Authors in Schools
The Hook, The Book and the Cook
Path to Publishing: Pitch Perfect

Susan B. Katz, NBCT

Recent Feedback from Presentations and Keynotes

“Spectacular! A charming presenter. Extremely practical—well planned, filled with interesting anecdotes. I picked up useful and detailed tips. I’d sit through this again tomorrow just to pick up more!” - Denise Beckfield

“Excellent! Filled with practical and experience-tested tips. Also a likable, entertaining presenter.”
– Ginger Z.

“Susan had great energy and made the workshop great!” – Min K.

“Excellent background. Well presented. Compact presentation.” – Mark Haberstrath

“Very helpful! You can tell Susan taught school. She guided the process nicely” – Livia Hermiz

“Knowledgable with good, applicable ideas.”- Lynn K.

“Very personalized, interactive and smart.” – Elaine P.

“I appreciated Susan’s energy and expertise!” – Javier C.

“Susan’s ease with presenting is refreshing and put the audience at ease. She is welcoming and engaging. Her materials are specific and the handouts and information can be applied immediately.” – Stephanie

“The presentation was clear, informative and carried out with infectious enthusiasm.”

“After attending this workshop, I felt eager to go back to the classroom!” – Yesenia

“Very enthusiastic and engaging!” – Joanna

“Thanks for all the great ideas. I will use them next week and share with others.” – Blanca

“Very practical and helpful. Creative. Good use of realia. Keep up the good work!” – Paula

“Fabulous presenter and presentation! Excellent and immediately applicable information. Her ease of delivery set everyone at ease.”

“Susan has such a dynamic, friendly, and compelling presence!” – Lara P.

“Very comprehensive and informative. Susan was great!” – Heather H.