Recent Feedback from Presentations and Keynotes with Susan B. Katz, NBCT

“Susan’s presentation was outstanding!  Across our building, our K-2 students are studying shapes and attributes and her book tied in perfectly! Susan’s engaging presentation was a hit for students and teachers alike!”

Kelly, Principal, South School

“Very comprehensive and informative. Susan was great!”

Heather H.

“Susan has such a dynamic, friendly, and compelling presence!”

Lara P.

“Fabulous presenter and presentation!  Excellent and immediately applicable information.
Her ease of delivery set everyone at ease”

“Very practical and helpful. Creative. Good use of realia. Keep up the good work!”


“Thanks for all the great ideas. I will use them next week and share with others.”


“Very enthusiastic and engaging!”


“After attending this workshop, I felt eager to go back to the classroom!”


“The presentation was clear, informative and carried out with infectious enthusiasm.”

“Susan’s ease with presenting is refreshing and put the audience at ease.
She is welcoming and engaging.  Her materials are specific and the handouts
and information can be applied immediately.”


“I appreciated Susan’s energy and expertise!”

Javier C.

“Very personalized, interactive and smart.”

Elaine P.

“Knowledgeable with good, applicable ideas.”

Lynn K.

“Very helpful! You can tell Susan taught school.  She guided the process nicely”

Livia Hermiz

“Excellent background. Well presented. Compact presentation.”

Mark Haberstrath

“Susan had great energy and made the workshop great!”

Min K.

“Excellent!  Filled with practical and experience-tested tips.
Also a likeable, entertaining presenter.”

Ginger Z.

“Spectacular!  A charming presenter. Extremely practical—well planned,
filled with interesting anecdotes. I picked up useful and detailed tips.
I’d sit through this again tomorrow just to pick up more!”

Denise Beckfield

“We were all delighted with Susan’s visit. The students were fully engaged
in the presentation, including answering questions, volunteering to hold props,
learning accompanying hand motions and singing the lyrics to her book,
MY MAMA EARTH. The students were very inspired to write their own stories.
It was a wonderful presentation and we are so grateful that Susan took the
time to encourage our young readers and writers.”

Ms. B, Central Elementary, Belmont, CA

“Susan’s classroom presentation of Mama Earth was an absolute delight for my
1st graders.  My students were thoroughly engaged as Susan, dressed as Mama Earth,
encouraged active participation throughout the reading.  Susan’s  presentation
aligned perfectly with our writing program as my young “authors” got to meet
a real author, see and hear the authors work, discuss the writing process,
and learn first-hand what an author can accomplish.  Well done!”

Andrea Roberts, 1st Grade Teacher

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I present workshops and deliver highly engaging and informative keynote speeches at various venues– schools, conferences, corporate venues, festivals and district/site professional development days. As a seasoned educator and former Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook, topics include:

  • The Buddha in Business: How to Bring Compassion and Meditation into the Workplace
  • Differentiating Your Client Relations Strategy
  • Pitch Perfect: How to Launch Your Publishing Career
  • Post This, Not That: Social Media Strategy
  • How to Raise and Engage Readers
  • Time Tested Topics and the Common Core

Other topics for schools, libraries and conferences are:

From Draft to Deal
Social Media Strategy

Time Tested Topics
How to Stand Out and Sell
Writing for the Common Core

Multicultural Literature
Best Practices for ELLs
Strategic Partner Management

I look forward to speaking at your bookstore, school or conference soon.
I am available to present in either English or Spanish.

LEND Conference Presentation


Here is a link to a video clip of a parent workshop entitled At Home
Strategies for School Success:

Professional Presentation

Here is a video of my book launch at Book Passage. I am dressed as Mama Earth and use props, puppets and multimedia to engaged various learning modalities.

School Visit


ABC SCHOOL’S FOR ME school presentation by Susan B. Katz

ABC SCHOOL’S FOR ME Book Launch at Book Passage





Gather up to 250 K-2 or 3-5 students for an assembly. It will be lively and interactive, incorporating the writing process. I use multimedia and activate students’ various learning modalities. Twenty years of teaching really shines through when I am up in front of an audience of children.



I can facilitate a workshop series in which students create their
own stories. I bring blank, hardbound books, giving students an
opportunity to publish their own stories.



I am available to speak about multicultural literature, Best Practices
for Facebook, the transition to the Common Core and/or Social Media.
Endorsements from prior conference evaluations are above.

Professional Development

Professional Development

I can lead your next site or district-level PD with workshops
about differentiation, Common Core strategies or best practices
for literacy instruction. I have designed and facilitated quality
district PD for the past ten years.

Writing Conferences

Writing Conferences

Topics include, but are not limited to: From Draft to Deal,
How to Stand Out and Sell and Writing for the Common Core.
Above are some endorsements of my presentations from the
Big Sur Writers’ Conference and the San Diego State Writer’s Conference.

Please feel free to contact me to book a school visit.

Email me at or call 415-312-1212.