Deep in the Sea

ISBN-13: 9781534484351

Deep in the Sea Susan B. Katz

Deep in the Sea - May 2021

by Susan B. KatzDavid A. Carter (Illustrator)

Compare sea creatures to land animals with similar names in this interactive play-on-words pop-up book with spectacular illustrations.

Lions roar...sea lions snore. Are catfish, dogfish, and elephant seals the same as a cat, a dog, or an elephant? Pop-ups reveal their differences in this delightful introduction to amazing creatures of land and sea.

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Reviews for Deep in the Sea

This is a fun book for an introduction to animals and the sea. The pop-up illustrations are beautiful and eye-catching. Children will be able to get even more out of this book as they grow older and read it again. I purchased this for a toddler and her new baby brother.

— Carla F., CMT

I just bought the book DEEP IN THE SEA by Susan B Katz. What a TREAT !! This colorful children's book is beautiful. The illustrations are so lifelike and the pop-up animals on each page are shown in their realistic habitat. My children (3 & 6) especially loved the clever rhyming comparisons of each pair of animals. As a teacher, it was a real treat to share this book with them.

— Dan Chudnof

This is a fun, pop-up, animal book for young kids. The land animals are 2-D, and their sea counterparts are rendered in 3-D images that seem to "swim" across the page. Lovely!

— PJ

What a fun journey on land and through the sea to meet all these animals! The adorable illustrations and fun pop-ups are great. What a great book to read with any small child!!! I’ll definitely be gifting this to some friends!!!

— TamIAm

Fabulous book! Creative theme, fun illustrations -with a 3D effect. Young children (3,4yr olds) will love it, as well as a little older for vocabulary growth.

— Janice O.

This is a must-have for your child’s home library! The vocabulary exposure is a must, not to mention the beautiful illustrations and pop-up photos! I highly recommend it!!

— Crystal

This book is so beautiful and creative. Love the wordplay and imagination behind each page. Susan B. Katz does it again! A great gift for the child in your life.

— David

This is a great book - fun, creative, and informative. I highly recommend it!

— Mike Robbins