ISBN: 978-0-545-53092-7

ABC SCHOOL’S FOR ME (Scholastic Press, 2015)
by Susan B. Katz, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

“In verse that never misses a beat, Katz describes familiar classroom activities for each letter of the alphabet.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Katz’s rhythms and rhymes are spot-on, and she tackles the tough letters with aplomb.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“ABC perfection!” – Pen Pals & Picture Books

Get ready for school with this clever, rhyming
alphabet story. This book helps little ones
celebrate all that is exciting about a school day.
Cuddle up with your little bear and enjoy this
rhyming read-aloud chock-full of the ABCs of school.

There’s so much alphabet to explore!

Alphabet from A to Z.
Books that are just right for me.
Crayons for coloring in my hand.
Dump trucks playing in the sand.

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ALL YEAR ROUND (Scholastic Press, 2015)

by Susan B. Katz (Author), Eiko Ojala (Illustrator)

A world of shapes, twelve months abound,
from four-cornered square, to circle, round.
Circle round, ready to roll. Add two sticks, a carrot and coal. (January)
A sporty diamond, player at bat. Bases loaded, tilt your hat. (June)
Triangle treats-pumpkin, peach. Want some pie? Excuse my reach! (November)

Poetic text by Susan B. Katz (ABC Baby Me!, My Mama Earth, ABC School’s for Me) is paired with debut illustrator Eiko Ojala’s intricate cut-paper artwork to bring the months and their shapes to life! Bold colors, adorable characters, and lyrical text fuse together perfectly in this truly creative look at the world around us.

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ISBN: 978-1-84686-418-6

MY MAMA EARTH (Barefoot Books, 2012),
by Susan B. Katz, illustrated by Melissa Launay

A celebration of Mother Earth and the bond between a mother and her child, MY MAMA EARTH won the Moonbeam Gold for Best Picture Book of 2012 as well as being named “Top Green Toy” by Watch the wonder experienced by a small child journeying through the world and round the day taking in the many magnificent aspects of nature. This imaginative and lyrical picture book showcases the love between a mother and child, celebrating the ever-changing beauty of the natural world along the way.
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ISBN: 978-0-375-86679-1

ABC, BABY ME! (Random House, 2010),
by Susan B. Katz, illustrated by Alicia Padrón
ABC, Baby Me! offers a new twist on a classic board book theme, using the alphabet to take babies through their busy day, from Adore me, Bathe me, Cuddle me, too . . . all the way to Z. Susan B. Katz’s clever rhyming text and Alicia Padrón’s adorable multicultural babies and toddlers will captivate and charm young children and their caregivers. This loving tribute captures both the everyday and the special moments between very young children and their parents, grandparents, and siblings.
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The Story of Frida Kahlo: A Biography Book for New Readers

The Story of Frida Kahlo: A Biography Book for New Readers

Discover the life of Frida Kahlo―a story about strength, creativity, and never giving up

Frida Kahlo is one of the most celebrated artists in the world, but before she made history with her beautiful paintings and brave spirit, she went through a life-changing accident that would have made many people want to give up. This Frida Kahlo children’s book shows you how she fought to overcome setbacks and follow her passion to create amazing artwork and make the world a more colorful place.

In this unique Frida Kahlo children’s book, you can explore how she went from a young girl from a small Mexican town to one of the most well-known painters in history. How will her creativity and can-do attitude inspire you?

The Story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Biography Book for New Readers

The Story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Biography Book for New Readers

Discover the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburga story about fighting for what’s right

Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the second woman ever to serve as a judge on the Supreme Court of the United States. Before she fought for equal rights and made history, Ruth was a curious kid who loved to read about strong women who were making important changes. You can get inspired, too, with this unique standout among Ruth Bader Ginsburg children’s books.

In school, Ruth wished girls could have as many opportunities as boys. She soon learned that by studying and working hard, she could change her life―and the world. Of all the Ruth Bader Ginsburg children’s books, this one really lets you explore how she went from a young girl during World War II to one of the most celebrated leaders in America.

The Story of Jane Goodall: A Biography Book for New Readers

The Story of Jane Goodall: A Biography Book for New Readers

Discover the life of Jane Goodall―a story about curiosity, passion, and saving animals

Jane Goodall is a celebrated scientist for her studies of chimpanzees in the forests of Africa. Before she observed chimps and helped save them from losing their home, Jane was a curious kid who loved learning about animals. She showed people that women could be scientists, just like men, and fought to follow her dream of working with wild chimps. Explore how Jane Goodall went from being a young nature lover in England to the most important chimpanzee expert in the world.

This Jane Goodall chapter book for kids ages 6-8 includes:

  • Word definitions―Discover helpful definitions for the more advanced words and ideas in the book.
  • Test your knowledge―Take a quiz at the end of the book to make sure you understand the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Jane Goodall’s life.
  • A lasting legacy―Learn about how Jane made the world a better place for future generations of both humans and animals.

How will Jane Goodall’s strong will inspire you?

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Songs & Videos

Watch videos & listen to songs for All Year Round, ABC, School's For Me & My Mama Earth.

All Year Round by Susan B. Katz, illustrated by Eiko Ojala

ABC, School’s For Me by Susan B. Katz, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger, music by Julia Bordenaro

My Mama Earth by Susan B. Katz, Illustrated by Melissa Launay, music by Julia Bordenaro