ABC, BABY ME! Reviews

Publisher’s Weekly

...solid bedtime reading.

Babies are the focal point of Katz and Padrón’s tour of the alphabet. “Adore me/ Bathe me/ Cuddle me, too/ Diaper me/ Encourage me/ Fix my boo-boo,” read the understated rhymes, while Padrón contributes soft and cozy paintings of babies interacting with parents, siblings, pets, and other relatives. The tone is serene throughout, and the final pages–“You don’t hear a peep?/ Zzzz, I’m fast asleep”– help make this book solid bedtime reading. Up to age 3.

Parent Magazine

...a sweet present for a new parent to share with the baby.

An ABC board book shows all the ways the family takes care of babies in “ABC Baby Me!” by Susan B.Katz and illustrated by Alicia Padron (Robin Corey Books.) With gentle, lovely artwork, babies are shown through the alphabet as they are adored, bathed, cuddles, diapered and much more by their parents, siblings, grandparents and even the family dog! This would make a sweet present for a new parent to share with the baby.

The Examiner, San Francisco

...26 ways a baby is loved and cared for.

All the ways a baby is cared for are illustrated alphabetically in this board book.  From bathing to rocking and all the way to “z,” there are more than 26 ways a baby is loved and cared for.

Samantha Hastings, Public Librarian

The text is simple and sweet.

“An alphabet book with short sentences on how parents care for infants. The text is simple and sweet. The cozy and charming illustrations of parents and children represent many ethnicities. Pre-K—ADVISABLE.”

The Well-Read Child

...a heartwarming book that I wouldn't hesitate to give to any new parent...

I know what you’re thinking…not another alphabet book, but I promise this one is really cute. Each letter of the alphabet features a scene with a baby getting love and attention from friends and family. A is “Adore Me,” B is “Bathe Me,” C is “Cuddle Me,” and so on. The soft illustrations of happy babies of many different races make this a heartwarming book that I wouldn’t hesitate to give to any new parent or grandparent.

Becky Laney, Young Readers

Very cute. Very sweet. Very affectionate.

Adore me
Bathe me
Cuddle me
Diaper me
Encourage me
Fix my boo-boo
Giggle, Giggle
Hug me
Imagine I can fly
Jiggle me
Kiss me
La la, lullaby

I loved this one. I just LOVED it. Very cute. Very sweet. Very affectionate. Very simple. We go through the ABC’s of a baby’s day. We see baby at play, at rest, at meal time, at bath time too! I enjoyed the rhymes. I enjoyed the illustrations–very calm, very soothing, very gentle. A perfect complement to the text!


...captivate and charm young children and their caregivers.

“ABC, Baby Me! offers a new twist on a classic board book theme, using the alphabet to take babies through their busy day, from Adore me, Bathe me, Cuddle me, too . . . all the way to Z. Susan B. Katz’s clever rhyming text and Alicia Padrón’s adorable multicultural babies and toddlers will captivate and charm young children and their caregivers. This loving tribute captures both the everyday and the special moments between very young children and their parents, grandparents, and siblings.”

Alida M Hannah

Easy read for little ones

I checked this book out from the library and my little one loved it so much I had to purchase it. Great read for younger children. Most pages have only 2-4 words each making it perfect for short attention spans. There are also pages that you can act out with your child such as ‘hug me’ ‘kiss me’ and ‘cuddle me’. This book also has hard cardboard pages to help prevent tearing.

Karen Ehrhardt

Perfect gift for new 'big sister' or new 'big brother'!

The perfect gift for my friends — Big Sister Miriam can read ABC, Baby Me! to newborn Eleanor, helping establish a warm, caring relationship between new siblings! With all the gifts coming into the house intended solely for the new baby, Miriam was excited to receive something meant for her, too. Thank you, Susan Katz and Alicia Padrón!

Mayor Jerry

Simple as A B C......

I bought four copies on a recommendation to give as gifts to new mothers, with one copy to our local library. The reception was so good, I bought 12 more copies. It’s a simple alphabetical idea for each page, with a beautiful accompanying soft pastel illustration. I didn’t realize until later that it also rhymes! A very nice job by Susan Katz and Alicia Padrón. It not only shows the special connection between parent and baby, but the tiny and ever-expanding world around him or her….parents, grandparents, pets and others who are important to the family.
I highly recommend this book.